With my new BB in hand I made a ambition to "work everywhere". I tried different productivity tools on my BB but .... unfortunately, none of them seems have worked well for me, typing some text as long as those in this article on a BB i'll have to spend 10 minutes or so, no matter how feature rich the application is. Finally I find the most useful feature of BB is still SMS and making calls, plus the web browser which occasionally guides me how to go to some place.

Then I realized that a cellphone is, no matter how powerful the producer say it is, always a cellphone. It's always an addition to your PC in case you are without it. It's designed to make it possible for you to access a piece of information, not to make it efficient. So for your serious work, it's simply not recommended that you spend too much time doing it on a BB, it's totally a waste of time.

And the best tool for me is still my PC and my small note book (yes a PAPER one) that's always with me. I've been so used to search for file with CTRL + WIN + S, look up a word with ALT + L, taking quick note with CTRL + ALT + N, and so many ... what without them I feel the world is just BIG, HEAVY, AWKWARD. And with my notebook I can write everywhere, draw lines, draw smile, draw whatever wherever whenever, it's just awesome!

Looking for productivity tools for BB is as stupid as looking for good taste from ... some medicine.
How you do matters, much more then how long you do.

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