Step 1
***Find a Place to Live***

If you haven't done so before your move, you should first try to find a place to live. Using websites like or can help you find shared housing and apartments in your area.
Step 2
***Join Online Social Networking Communities***

Online communities like often sponsor events and outings such a hosting happy hours during the week or group activities on the weekends for people in your age group.
Step 3
***Subscribe to the Local Newspaper***

The local newspaper will help keep you up-to-date with events and news going on in your area.
Step 4
***Find a Neighborhood Hangout Spot***

Find a coffee shop or cafe and go there frequently to get to know other regulars. Getting to know regulars and patrons of neighborhood hangout spots will help you get to know the immediate neighborhood that you live in. They can give you advice and tips about living in that particular neighborhood.
Step 5
***Join a Sports League***

Larger cities and towns often have sports leagues like soccer or kickball teams that you can join in on friendly and competitive games. Sports leagues are often comprised of other people in your age range.
Step 6
***Attend Events at Museums or Art Galleries***

Museums and art galleries often hold free events such as book signings or discussions.
Step 7
***Volunteer in the Community***

Check out the library in the area, or the local soup kitchen to see if they are taking volunteers. Volunteering in the community can be a very rewarding experience and can help you get to know other like-minded individuals.

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