It's my honor to have found this from It helped me learn what a support I might get from Microsoft.

If you're not patient enough to read the post, then listen to me. It's like this, a poor guy used Microsoft Communicator to share his desktop to his colleagues. Then he found his cursor keeps blinking during the desktop sharing session. To stop the blinking he tried many ways but none of them worked. Finally he thought post a question on Microsoft's forum would help so he did it.

Then there came the cool Microsoft staff explained the reason why this happens with a very big paragraph. The poor customer never figured out what happened in world, just he saw many new words such as GDI, SRCCOPY, CAPTUREBLT, remote desktop protocol...

What he understood from the reply is:
   1. This is by design (cool!)
   2. He should buy Windows 7 and a better graphics card, then try again(see the last paragraph in the reply)

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