So you are:

A tech guru
A perfect coder, tester or IT specialist
Frustrated by the 9-5 routine work that's wasting your highly developed skills
 Looking for a highly qualified team 
Always looking for an opportunity to make maximized use of your tech potential
Sure that your coding skill will bring BIG financial rewards

You are likely to be interested in joining Banckle, because we:

Are skilled, professional, passionate, and FUNNY programmers
Have a boss who is willing to PAY :)
Have an online meeting product that's said to be even better in some aspect than the former leader in the field
Do java server, windows clients, iphone application, mac application, ajax, flash.... pretty many technologies you can choose (No, we don't mean to use so many technologies - we have to)
Have a growing, growing and growing number of customers

You probably want to know more about banckle here at: http://www.banckle.com
And we won't know about you unless you email you resume to: wayne.liu@banckle.com

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