We are a new company. In our first weeks we had daily progress meeting, on which people share the work they've finished and their plan. As new employees kept joining our development team, the meeting took longer and longer, so long that people think they wasted time listenning to things that's totally irrelevant to their work. So we decided to make that meeting be in smaller teams. For example, we desktop-client team could have our daily meeting, while the web UI team have theirs.

However what happened later is: other teams stopped having any meetings! We became the only team that continued meeting on a daily basis. Sometimes you feel the pressure of being 'the only one', but when you skip that meeting even for one day, you find performance and communication suffers.

After arround one month, one of the other team began to have their daily meeting too. The expressed the same concern: "It's very hard to let the project goal drive project progress and communication, which could be improved dramatically by daily face-to-face status update".

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