i now live dozens of meters away from here -_-
I've recently moved to Sanlitun, not because I love night life, nor do I go there to save commute time - I send more time on the road actually (and unfortunately). I go there just because everywhere in Beijing has similarly high rent, and surprising enough, the rent different between Sanlitun and other places are minor.

So it reminds me that - as I know, most people want to live a family life. I'm like those home builders. I want to make a powerful, comfortable and beautiful home. To be such it needs to be BIG, so big that it can hold lots of things I buy and build. But the expensive house price makes the dream impossible. It upsets me.

Each time I feels this frustration, I hope I'm teleworking. In that way I can connect myself to the most developed economy, and yet enjoy a peaceful family life, do some gardening/cooking/etc(which is absolutely a luxury for salary slaves in the city). I'll buy a car and actually drive it (In Beijing of cause it's impossible, there are too many.), and fixing it of cause will become a big source of fun too.

This will be perfect! I believe in the future jobs that doesn't require employees to work in an office will provide such flexibility. More and more people will be working in front of a laptop in their garden, on the roof, in the kitchen(to smell the food his wife is cooking), or even in bath room?

Probably I should build some software to make teleworking easier, for the world :D


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