I've experienced several depressed days because two or three days ago I lost a bag, in which there was my diploma  and other important certificates. It'll cost a huge much time and energy to make all these up.

I ask Google for help on everything but this time seems Google doesn't help. However  because of it's huge power there are two helpful things that Google might do. They are:

1. Google Lost And Found
 Google has Google Map, whenever something lost was found, it can be reported on Google Lost And Found, with location. People who loose something can search in the area and if be him luck enough, find his lost back.
This is not true.
2. Google Stuff Tracker
 It's said that Google has launched a satellite. Then I think Google can produce some signal generating devices. People who want to track his stuffs can buy the devices, put them on his important stuffs. When something is lost, he can go to stuffs.google.com to see a full path that the stuff has traveled. Find it back wont be a big issue.

Dear Google, could you please do it ASAP? Even be it a paid service still there'll be many people benefiting from that.
8/17/2012 09:46:28 pm

Google map is useful in many ways.


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