C++ is a programming language with a huge bundle of features. But the features that's really known to and used by programmers are a much smaller subset. On the last weekend, to kill a few hours tactoth wrote a python program to do a statistics of usages of the keywords in a great many lines of C++ source code. The program just count the times and presence of the keywords, then we pick the top 10 most popular keywords as the hottest.

So the result shows that the 10 hottest keywords are:

if, return, void, int, const, this, else, for, virtual, class

Meanwhile the 10 most unpopular keywords are:

typeid, asm, dynamic_cast, volatile, mutable, union, signed, auto, register, const_cast

The code base used is MFC/ATL source code shipped with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
The full list is here:

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